UX / UI / Interaction Design Case Studies


Citi is in the process of a complete digital revolution business wide. Mobile and web are being completely redesigned and overhauled to better serve our customers, as well as, create first in class financial solutions. Starting with a design thinking philosophy, each segment of the consumer banking division(s) are being reengineered. As part of the global design team, I am responsible for meeting with product owners and other stakeholders to solve the needs/requirements and deliver architecture, wireframes, lo & hi fi mockups and working prototypes for user validation and testing to fine tune the final product.

  • Client: Citibank
  • Tasks: Concept and UX/UI Design
  • Mobile & Responsive Desktop
  • Prototype: Send Money
  • Prototype: Community
  • Prototype: Mobile

The sad beginnings

Preliminary Designs for Dashboard and Money Movement

First round designs were created to establish a jumping off point, as workflow progressed, features were fine tuned and requirements introduced that created a more user first result. There will be several rollouts over time and these sections represent those flows. The first steps were to eliminate redundant flows and bad user experiences and create a simple, clean designs and use AI to help clarify the goals of each user.

PayHub Dashboard

Add & Pay Billers

Credit Cards

Mobile App

Future State for Dashboard and Money Movement

New leadership and new goals are helping to shape the things to come for experience and allowing the design teams to push the capabilities of the digital products. From customizable layouts, targeted visuals and AI powered tools, the next gen of the site and app will be a game changer.


AT&T is launching a new internal enterprise solution to create a central location for data scientist, analyst and other stake holders to allow quick and easy access to powerful data tools and information.  The site will flow users through a simplified process that allows them to choose the right tool & find the best data to pair with it. By building communities around this information, business groups can share their insights with a larger audience and keep their departments and teams running on the latest information available.

It also unifies a larger global community for chief data by creating global nav and a cart/profile function across the global site. Generating the site map and user flow was task 1. Creating lofi and hifi wireframes and prototypes allowed for user validation and testing to fine tune the final product.