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UX / UI / Interaction Design Case Studies


Citi is in the process of a complete digital revolution business wide. Mobile and web are being completely redesigned and overhauled to better serve our customers, as well as, create first in class financial solutions. Starting with a design thinking philosophy, each segment of the consumer banking division(s) are being reengineered. As part of the global design team, I am responsible for meeting with product owners and other stakeholders to solve the needs/requirements and deliver architecture, wireframes, lo & hi fi mockups and working prototypes for user validation and testing to fine tune the final product.

  • Client: Citibank
  • Tasks: Concept and UX/UI Design
  • Mobile & Responsive Desktop
  • Prototype: Send Money
  • Prototype: Community
  • Prototype: Mobile

The sad beginnings

Preliminary Designs for Dashboard and Money Movement

First round designs were created to establish a jumping off point, as workflow progressed, features were fine tuned and requirements introduced that created a more user first result. There will be several rollouts over time and these sections represent those flows. The first steps were to eliminate redundant flows and bad user experiences and create a simple, clean designs and use AI to help clarify the goals of each user.


Final Dashboard & Transfers

Adding Payees and Bills

Transfer Money & Pay Bills

Mobile App

Future State for Dashboard and Money Movement

New leadership and new goals are helping to shape the things to come for experience and allowing the designs to push the capabilities of the digital products. From customizable layouts, targeted visuals and AI powered tools, the next gen of the site and app would be a game changer.

Technology & Data – Personalization

To further enhance the personlization, utilize an AI / ChatGPT to develop custom, unique experience with the use of imagery to reflect customers regional location, time zone etc.. use language that that shows we are engaged with them all the way thru.

Develop the AI to present as a bank representative so that the user feels engaged to the bank, this AI can reflect any number of data points including geography or time zones.

Users could simply interact with the AI who would then address the user with human interaction, the user can input the task they want performed and the site will take them directly to that screen for them to enter input and complete the transaction. The AI is always available with a simple click.

There is also the opportunity to surface offers that are relevant, ie new direct deposits from a payroll would be a great time to provide investment offers.

To further enhance the personalization, allow users to upload their own images and customize what account features they utilize the most to avoid adding clutter of unused banking features.

Mobile App

Creating rich visuals and lifestyle photography can add to the overall human experience. Utilizing photography, branding logos, enhanced avatars while also focusing on new iconography and micro animations to further add to the enjoyment of in app use

Micro animations can include page load or tap interactions to trigger (ie twitter likes)

Enhance the pay functions to a slider row with option to pay or “more” options to snooze, manage, view history etc… (like gmail)

Technology & Data – Personalization

The opportunity exists to partner with other business to implement geo fencing or proximity beacons so when users are within range of a Starbucks, McDonalds, 711 etc… the app is pinged with an offer for them to get a discount when paying with their Citi cards.

To further enhance the personlization, utilize an AI to develop custom, unique experience with the use of imagery to reflect customers regional location, time zone etc.. use language that that shows we are engaged with them all the way thru.

ie jennifer lives near california coast or chicago, vegas….and also know time of day they log in so imagery can be in a night mode, include micro animations of grass moving or lights twinkle

Technology & Data – Predictive Personal Touch

This personalization will continue by analyzing her habits and behavior, a pattern can be found that jennifer has a new payroll direct deposit or an increase in her current deposits, we can use this as an opportunity to congratulate her and offer her ways to invest the extra income in a savings account or a CD.

By analyzing her past spending habits and behaviors, we know Jennifer takes a ski trip every Feb-Mar, offer up a partner cross promo, in this case, AA advantage miles she can use to book or receive discounts on travel for the upcoming trip or partner with a VRBO, Air BNB or Hilton to utilize discounts on lodging or prompt to set card up for travel.

If she doesnt have the aadvantage card, this would be a great time to open one to use on this trip.

Making a payment will open the quick action modal with preloaded info ie date, min amount and primary account, she can simply tap pay and be done and right back where she left off, or engage to change the parameters.

Can add an account analysis w/ viz bar (health meter) to indicated where the user is at in the ebb & flow of their account in regards to income to debt ratio & based on those results can determine and recommend that now is a good time to pay more towards the balance w/o a negative impact to their budget monthly budgets

This can further be enhanced with a deeper assessment of their accounts and where those are in the spend cycle and make a recommendation as to which account makes the most sense to pay with

Viz amount wheel and show the savings impact to interest with a higher payment as well

By peppering small micro animations throughout the app we can really enhance the overall experience and bring some personality to liven it up, ie twitter like, door dash wiggle of icons…

For instance, the viz bars, like a digital dash on a car can load to full and edge back into position
Input wheel can load on and the anchors fan out into position

Window panes bounce slightly
Success thumb can show “thumbs up” as screen loads ie teams thumb
Done cta when tapped can pulse color

Technology & Data -AR/VR

Looking at the future of AR & VR there is an opportunity to allow customers to interact with their money and accounts like never before, to be able to see money moving between accounts virtually, or finding a Citi ATM when traveling. Users can view their Credit Cards thru the AR to see details and balances or evaluate the current spending cycle. Even initiating a balance increase in real time to make a larger purchase.


AT&T is launching a new internal enterprise solution to create a central location for data scientist, analyst and other stake holders to allow quick and easy access to powerful data tools and information.  The site will flow users through a simplified process that allows them to choose the right tool & find the best data to pair with it. By building communities around this information, business groups can share their insights with a larger audience and keep their departments and teams running on the latest information available.

It also unifies a larger global community for chief data by creating global nav and a cart/profile function across the global site. Generating the site map and user flow was task 1. Creating lofi and hifi wireframes and prototypes allowed for user validation and testing to fine tune the final product.